Places To Visit in Malaysia

1. Penang
We begin with the obvious. Penang has long been known as one of the most popular tourist destinations globally. From mouth-watering street food and hawker fare to iconic locations such as the KK Lok Si Temple and the hip and trendy street murals in Georgetown, the city is more or less the poster boy of Malaysia tour packages. Steeped in history and adorned with modern skyscrapers, the Penang tradition and modernity have a cultural basis. Definitely a world-class holiday destination and a must-visit for any self-respecting traveler in Malaysia
2. Melaka
From one UNESCO World Heritage Site to another! Melaka, which is a short way south of Penang, is a popular tourist destination in itself. In addition to being home to famous historical sites such as A Famosa Fort and Christ Church, Melaka State has a place to go for delicious Malaysian dishes such as Citadel Self, Chicken Rice Balls, and Nyonya Cuisine.
3. Ipoh, Perak
Compared to the previous two entries on the list, Ipoh is slipping slightly more, often under the radar of the most experienced of travelers. Located in the state of Perak, Ipoh is a place of good food and amazing natural scenery. Its water theme park, Lost World of Tambun, is a classic favorite among Malaysians for a weekend getaway.
4. Kuala Lumpur
The metropolitan capital of Malaysia is arguably the most populous city in the entire country, so you can be sure that there is a lot to do here. The Central Market is a bustling place of activity, as vendors link their merchandise from traditional handicraft to hip apparel and, most importantly, local street food. There is also a place within the market called Annexe where local artists occasionally organize galleries to showcase their work.


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